Matthias was born in the second half of the 20th century into a family of wine-farmers and scientists.
Not surprisingly, after a very long and pleasant childhood in which he gathered wide experience in adapting to new homes and languages and acquired a keen awareness of international cooking recipes he finally settled on a career of active science and passive gastronomy in which the winemaker's heritage featured prominently.

Photography was a very early passion, albeit throttled by the cost of film development and the resulting lack of practice. His first attempts were made using the by now legendary Kodak Instamatic and later a Virgin Edixa with a number of lenses by such famous ancient brands as Schneider, Schacht and Steinheil, complemented by a set of extension tubes.
All of this led to a fascination of what can be done to capture the world on film -- even beyond what is obvious to the naked eye.

After a long period in which he did things like measuring the mass of the top-quark through electro-weak corrections and trying to determine the temperature of a quark-gluon plasma as well as more commercially necessitated work on testing mobile phones in China, the availability of the first truly useable digital cameras at the beginning of the 21st century re-kindled his photographic passion.

The results, still limited by a sad need to make a living with regular work, can be seen (gallery), commented (guestbook), and purchased (individual links) on these pages.

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