Farewell Estel and Raul

Hi everybody,
I've just enabled the "buy button" as it appears that some of you may want to have a print. I hope that the choices suit you. If not, please just get in touch via the contact page (or through Lina).
I would recommend the "A4 Lustre Brilliant" option. That will give you a print about 11.5 inch wide and 4.8 inch high, where you can recognise everybody without filling an entire wall. The paper is nice, has no brightening agents (i.e. will last much longer than all of us), and doesn't break the bank.
The posh option is "Fotospeed Fine Art Platinum Baryta", absolutely lovely, but hideously expensive (my favourite, though).
I can make prints as large as 35 inch by 14.7 inch, which, including the frame, needs quite a bit of wall, but you'd be able to count the hair on people's eyebrows. Any size in-between is possible, please just ask.

I would be more than happy to mount and frame, but, again, that just requires a quick chat about all the possible options.